You must’ve heard about Kickstarter, right? It is the #1 Crowdfunding Platform used by over 20 million users as of today. Over 195,000 projects have been funded since the beginning of their lifespan. What about the unsuccessful funded projects? There have been over 300,000 projects that did not meet their funding goal. Yikes. But hey, a famous space scoundrel once said: “Never tell me the odds.” It is possible to be part of the 40% of creators that crossed the finish line. Following basic strategies and invest excellent services such as targeted ads can take you to the finish line and beyond.

There are a million ways on how to design your email for your contacts. And to be honest, it can get frustrating. You need a powerful subject line, an engaging header, easy-to-read content, and generally an appealing email. Today, we’ll be looking and critiquing at one email. We’ll be seeing the good, the bad, and the ugly. This will also give you a better understanding when creating your own email. The email is from Flywheel. Flywheel is a managed WordPress hosting service for designers, freelancers, or agencies. But if you have a WordPress website and want to get the ultimate experience in hosting, you can check them out. Check their website out and learn more about their services! Enough of that, let’s get into their email.

Welcome to this fast-paced, quick, and easy, guide on everything about Email Marketing. There are a lot of elements, terminologies, and concepts in Marketing that we tend to float in endless space and wonder… What the heck is an opt-in? Well, my friend, if you’re in a hurry and want to know the basics of Email Marketing… this is your first stop. To understand the basic concepts of email marketing, we need to answer the most important question first…

Zines have been blowing up since the popularity skyrocketed from D&D 5th edition. Many independent publishers have been creating unique content such as adventures, and RPGs. Kickstarter recently started a movement in which individuals can launch for 2 weeks their Zine campaigns. You’ll find a variety of Zines from D&D 5e to completely original RPGs for yourself or a group of friends.