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Valectonia Publishing was founded by Emanuel Garcia in 2021. We create engaging, unique, and innovative stories and tabletop RPG games. Ranging from magical systems in a fantasy world to intriguing stories in a cyberpunk setting, we’re here to bring the best content for everyone. Visit our DriveThruRPG page and check out our exclusive content. Welcome to Valectonia.


CRIME CITY is a tabletop role-playing game system agnostic adventure.

What was my involvement?

  • Designed a simple system where Game Masters can implement their preferred system.
  • Created original mini-games using dice.
  • Designed book layout using Microsoft Office.
  • Created lore, character backgrounds, locations, encounters, and dialogue.
  • Hired and managed freelancers to edit text and create art for this module.

Mega Building One is an upcoming tabletop role-playing game system-agnostic cyberpunk setting and adventure.

What was my involvement?

  • Wrote and designed a 60-page document filled with dice mechanics and lore.
  • Designed the book layout using Microsoft Office.
  • Managed over a dozen playtesters with constructive criticism and feedback. 
  • Liaised with editors and artists for the completion of this project.

Free Adventures

Enjoy these free TTRPG adventures designed for Cyberpunk Red by R. Talsorian Games and other systems as well!

Each document provides all the necessary assets to run each adventure. You’ll find maps, NPCs, new game mechanics, dialogue, stat blocks, and more.

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