Cyberpunk Red Blank NPC Cards for Quick Character Creation

Cyberpunk Red Simple NPC Card from Mr. Stidz - Polus

Since the release of Cyberpunk Red by R. Talsorian Games, there has been several resources posted by many fans in social media. In the vastness of cyberspace, or what we like to call… the internet… you will find a variety of maps, cards, new mechanics and other material. Now we’ll be adding to that list of free resources with Blank Template Cards for NPCs.

You might’ve seen this type of NPC Card in the one shot Special Delivery. This design shows simplicity and easy readability. The two-column structure flows well with the adventure that accompanies it. But each column does serve its own purpose. The left column describes the character’s looks, personality quirks and background, or secret. The right column shows the character’s basic stats and weapons. Now how would we incorporate these stats to our gameplay? This is where JonJon The Wise comes in with a very informative video on how to create quick and easy NPCs.

Following up to Jon’s 3 Goon Method, we added a little bit more flavor to the easy-to-create characters. We added the Will and Intelligence stat. These stats do not add anything during combat… unless you have PCs sneaking around, or have PCs torturing NPCs and the like. These stats are to flesh out the character more. As a result. have options for the GM when certain situations arise.

We’ve also added character traits on the left column. We tend to get lost in our dozens of papers worth of character development that in the end of the day, we don’t even look at. The GM will have easy access to a short description of the character’s looks, quirks and secrets. This will force you to remove the extra fluff of your NPCs and focus the important details for each session.

If you’re interested in trying these out, please click here to download the Word Document. Below you will see a blank one that you can download as a picture. Leave your feedback and we might get a version 2 going soon!

Cyberpunk Red Blank Simple NPC Card from Mr. Stidz – Polus