Cyberpunk Red One Shot “Special Delivery” – Version 2.2 Free Download

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Special Delivery is a 9 page one shot adventure where it introduces all the basic elements of a Cyberpunk setting. This adventure is ideal for beginners, both Game Masters (GMs) and Player Characters (PCs). The PDF document includes the adventure itself, consistent artwork throughout the document, vehicle stat cards (4), simple NPC stat cards (6), Battle Maps (3) for Roll20 and other VTT software. and additional resources such as a list of NPC names. The story includes two explorable areas where the PCs will complete encounters and an exciting car chase towards the end with the police. Here is a short introduction of the adventure.

A fixer in urgent need of a few edgerunners. A last minute announcement for an important job. Go to apartment 17C, Collar got the detes for a simple trade. Be prepared for any boosterganger fools in the Combat Zone. You might get caught in a middle of a firefight, choomba.

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Current version is 2.2!

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