Cyberpunk Red Adventure “Homecoming” – Version 2.2 Free Download

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Homecoming is a one-shot module which introduces elements of choice to the players in a Cyberpunk setting. This adventure is ideal for both beginner and intermediate level Player Characters (PCs) and Game Masters (GMs). The PDF document includes the adventure itself, vehicle stat cards, NPC stat cards, unique weapon stat card, and VTT maps for Roll20. The story includes three explorable areas where the PCs can complete encounters, discover lore, runaway car chases, persuasive interactions and more. Here is a short introduction of the adventure:

A rogue drone causes mayhem in the Upper Marina, 4th and 3rd street intersection. Lawmen calls in for any local backup. Of course, you wouldn’t go if cash isn’t involved. Multiple casualties and only two guys in blue holding on for dear life. The drone, attached by a cable and shouting repeatedly “Be careful! Please! Help!”, holds a machine gun and is popping lead to everything that moves. Another day in paradise.

Current version is 2.2!

Watch the Video Walkthrough here!

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