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Headlines are system-agnostic two-page one-shot adventures for tabletop role-playing games. These modules are catered to those that want to play a quick-and-easy game with their friends without much prep work.

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Headlines are designed for 3 to 5 players and they can be completed in 1 to 2 game sessions. These adventures are designed to be implemented in any game system of your choosing (D&D 5e, Cyberpunk Red, Shadowrun, etc.) Inside each document, this is what you’ll find:

  • A variety of free maps to use as reference.
  • Pre-made NPCs for ease of use during gameplay.
  • Easy-to-use mechanics for all types of systems.
  • Original settings that are all connected back to Mega Building One.

The setting is in a city where necessity is the mother of invention, technology is far beyond society’s comprehension, and megacorporations are the new rulers of a dying planet. This is the city of Stolista. Each Headline explores a different district and establishment in Stolista and a different genre to really mix things up with your players.

Emanuel Garcia - Freelance Writer from Polus

Emanuel Garcia

Author & Layout Designer

Emanuel wrote and designed the adventure from inspirations like R. Talsorian Games’ Cyberpunk 2020 – Night City Stories y Blade Runner for its detective thriller story.

Amber Logsdon

Amber Logsdon

Editor & Copywriter

Amber edited the adventures. Amber. also known as thespacejamber, is a social media and brand strategist, focusing mostly on employment branding and marketing.

In creating the Headlines, there was a lot of research and reference collecting before writing the first drafts. Some references included Alien, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, Philip K. Dick’s Paycheck, Japanese Culture, and other indie titles.

The process is similar to writing other adventure modules such as CRIME CITY and Mega Building One. The only difference is the process of creating characters. The character’s background information is a lot more limited due to the limitation of only having two pages. Therefore, I work with nouns and adjectives to define the character’s personalities, goals, and weaknesses.

In these adventures, I focus more on the narrative zone or setting. I write a short high-level overview that includes NPCs, emergent narratives (random encounters), themes, and history. With these topics, I formulate the appropriate storyline according to the references I collected.

Let’s take the Dustbowl as an example. In this adventure, the players head to the outskirts of Stolista–to the barren wastelands. The themes associated with the story are best told in a western sci-fi genre. Therefore, the players head towards an abandoned town called Kazo to find an NPC. Once inside, they find one suspicious character amidst the quietude–Judd Jones, the owner of the Dustbowl. From here, the player must investigate what happened to Kazo before finding the NPC.

The Emerald received great feedback and comments from the community. The Headlines are currently available on my Patreon and every month you can find new adventure modules to play and explore. Valectonia Publishing has plans to create a book collection with several Headlines with new art and content.

Valectonia Publishing is getting ready to publish its 2nd major release called Mega Building One, a system-agnostic cyberpunk setting, and adventure.