Enter Caerras, the world of Legends of Venari, where you will be able to catch, train, and trade powerful Venari along your adventures.

Legends of Venari Website.

Legends of Venari is a monster-catching MMORPG currently in development for Early Access, with a team of over 40 team members. Players seek, battle, and tame creatures called Venari in response to saving them from the corrupted lands of Tecta.

Legends of Venari is Pokémon Go meets Runescape, using Venari to collect resources, battle adversaries, and explore the world of Caerras.

I’m the Lead Narrative Designer for the team, and I focus on system design, quest design, and pipelining with adjacent departments like engineering, art, and design. I’ve developed over 15 specification sheets and implemented various features such as level design, battling, resource management, rewards, and quests.

managed two other Game Writers for the development of Venari and item descriptions, character sheets, character dialogue, and lore bible entries. I worked alongside other leads to develop technical pipelines using our proprietary game engine.

With the help of the Lead Game Designer and Combat Designer, we developed the Battle system, which I initially pitched to the team and accepted the idea. This system is currently under development.

It’s designed for quick and easy encounters that players can complete in less than a minute, focusing more on exploration, resource management, and quests.

I’m leading the implementation of front-end systems such as camera movement, VFX/SFX integration, and animations, creating captivating and memorable moments for the player, no matter where they are in the world.

spearheaded implemented the gathering system and the level design for our new locations. This required specification sheets for the engineers to create, which afterward I implemented in the engine with the help of Economy Designers (reward structures) and Artists (bespoke 3D assets).

The goals and philosophies of this system align with the pillars of the project, which are exploration first y captivating moments. By creating bespoke assets, we’re able to help players identify these assets with ease and focus on the exploration of our vast worlds.